6th IBBA Workshop – Taking biogas branding to the next level

March 15th-16th, 2018 Stockholm, Sweden. The 6th IBBA workshop in Stockholm focuses on biogas branding. It gathers Europe’s leading branding initiatives in a setting aimed at creating a larger and more successful network for biogas communication in Europe.

Do you think biogas is an amazing product? We do.

Do you think biogas can be a global game changer? We do.

Welcome to Stockholm! Biogas needs you.

In a discussion-focused setting we look at how ”the biogas brand” can be strengthened by:

  • Linking different parts of the value chain by introducing a biogas logo
  • Increasing ”biogas visibility” in offices, conference facilities, restaurants, grocery stores, etc.
  • Associating biogas with strong consumer brands and products
  • Associating biogas with life-style icons like olympic champions
  • Making the product ”the smart choice”

Assisted by Europe´s leading ”biogas re-branders” like Orange Gas (NL), Gasum (FIN), Lindum (N) and Biogasakademin (S) our program counts on participants to share their skills and thoughts. Our aim is to make Europeans feel good about biogas. And to have fun while we change the world for the better. Welcome!

Details of the workshop can be found at: www.ibbaworkshop.eu