The fleet of biomethane powered buses in Madrid will expand

In charge of bus management in Madrid, the operator EMT has announced the extension of its facilities to prepare for the ramp-up of its GNV fleet.

For EMT, which plans to invest €5 million in the upgrading of its facilities, there is a need to anticipate the growth of its CNG fleet in the years to come by ensuring the extension of three of its depots located in Fuencarral, Carabanchel and Entrevías.

The works are expected to last until the end of the year. They aim to adapt the tools in terms of maintenance and to increase the refueling capacities. Once upgraded, its facilities will be able to refuel more than 1,200 gas buses in less than 4 minutes.

Today, the EMT fleet comprises 945 buses running on natural gas. According to forecasts made by the operator and the municipality, this fleet should increase to 1,400 buses by early 2019.

Source: Gaz-Mobilité

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