Anaerobic Digestion, Quo vadis?

The Institute of Sustainable Processes of the Valladolid University will organize an international workshop (in person and online) about the state of the art and future of anaerobic digestion, with key academic players in the field.

Anaerobic digestion has rapidly evolved in the past 50 years from a simple waste/wastewater treatment technology, to a platform capable of producing renewable electricity and in the latest years is regarded as the core of a multiproduct biorefinery.  New tools and processes such as molecular biology, process automation and control, biogas upgrading, nutrient recovery, and organic acid generation have upgraded the potential of anaerobic digestion and increase its robustness. This workshop, given by some of the most recognised scientists in the field nowadays, constitutes a unique discussion platform of the latest scientific developments and practical applications in anaerobic digestion.

When? 21 October 2021

Registration: click here.

More information about the speakers here.