Austria : The first biogas upgrading plant has successfully started operation

A special process biogas produced from kitchen waste in the biogas plant in Vienna-Simmering is converted into the new facility in biomethane and fed into the natural gas grid.

The new Biogas upgrading plant produces annually more than one million cubic meters of CO2 -neutral biomethane from around 22,000 tons biogenic kitchen waste. 900 Viennese households are thus supplied with environmentally friendly biomethane. This saves more than 3,000 tons of CO2.

By setting up the biogas treatment plant is first processed biogas into biomethane in Vienna. The input material is produced in the biogas plant and biogas desulfurized. In order to feed it as biomethane into the natural gas grid, it is necessary to separate the carbon dioxide contained in the biogas.

This separation is carried out by a modern membrane separation process. This ensures that from the biogas with a methane content of up to 70% now is almost pure biomethane with a methane content of 99%. After quality control, the biomethane is compressed to the feed pressure of up to 70 bar and then arrives at the Wien Energie customers.

The upgrading of biogas to biomethane to it subsequently fed into natural gas networks, has won in recent years clearly more relevant and offers many advantages. Biomethane is a complete replacement for natural gas, so that the entire spectrum of use of natural gas is covered.

The produced in Pfaffenau amount of biogas is from July 2015, as a product for private customers of Wien Energie available. With the new tariffs OPTIMA 100 and OPTIMA biogas Biogas 20 can then cook very environmentally friendly and heat budgets. The tariff includes 100 OPTIMA biogas produced from 100 percent biomass waste gas. OPTIMA Biogas 20 is a mixture of 80 percent safe and clean natural gas and 20 percent of biogas.The two products complement the extensive Wien Energie-tariff world.

Source: Vienna City Administration
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