Belgium’s first biomethane plant unveiled

Netherlands-based Bright Biomethane has revealed it will build what it says is the first biomethane-producing facility in Belgium.

The biogas upgrading installation was ordered by IOK Afvalbeheer, a waste management business owned by several municipalities in the north of Belgium.

No financial terms of the contract were disclosed, but ENDS has confirmed with the European Biogas Association that the facility is the first in Belgium.

The deal will see biomethane equipment added to an existing biogas plant in Kempen, which currently processes about 35,000 tonnes a year of garden, fruit and vegetable waste from households in the area.

The facility, which will be built in phases, will initially process 150m3 of biogas per hour into biomethane, which will then be scaled up to a second phase producing 400m3 per hour in the “near future”.

Initially, about 25% of the biogas will be used to produce biomethane with the remaining 75% used to produce electricity and heat for use in the biogas plant and upgrading plant.

However, in future the energy production will “shift more to biomethane” production, according to a spokesperson for Bright Biomethane, who also said the the system was “easy” to expand.

Source: ENDS Waste & Bioenergy

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