Bio360 Expo

Bio360 Expo returns in 2022 to the Parc Expo in Nantes

Following and building on the unqualified success of Bio360 Expo 2020, over 500 exhibitors and 8000 international professional participants are expected to attend in 2022.

Bio360 Expo 2022 encompasses the full range of bioenergy in its solid, liquid and gaseous forms, the fast growing and crucial biobased and BECCU/BECCS sectors, ie solutions to remove, reutilise and sequester CO2 from the atmosphere… all under the single objective of accelerating the switch from a fossil dependant society to a biosociety.

The Netherlands, with its many examples of leadership in the bioenergy and bioeconomy space, spanning research, industry, policy and coupled with entrepreneurial vision, is the selected Country of the Year 2022 – so watch this space !

The event will again offer a rich international conference programme spread over 4 conference rooms with simultaneous translation, regional site visits, the innovation competition and more besides…

Visit the webpage of the event for more information.