Biogas Lab Webinar Series. Biogas, The Next Wave

The EBA is delighted to invite you to the second session of the Biogas Lab webinar series, which will be held on Wednesday 10 February from 15:30 to 17:30 CET.

After a successful start, EBA continues to promote the versatility of the biogas and biomethane sector and its potential in contributing to the transition towards carbon-neutrality and resource efficient economy. 

During this second webinar, we will present the latest practice-oriented research tackling the biogas value chain. Along with that, experts from the industry will showcase innovative technologies enhancing the environmental performance of the biogas plants and new processes to scale up the renewable gas production.

Join us online and listen to our speakers sharing their experiences and future perspectives for the deployment of renewable gas in Europe and beyond!

Discover the factsheets of the technologies presented in this Biogas Lab webinar: