Biogas PowerOn 2023

After last year successful edition, with 150+ biogas professionals and 20+ excellent speakers, we have an honour to invite you to 5th European Conference Biogas PowerON taking place on 27-28 September 2023. This year we are moving to Hamburg, Germany.

Main topic & key points

• Overview of European and national policies and regulations
• Future of biogas industry from the perspective of a producer – case studies
• Cost competitiveness of biomethane
• Sustainability and green origin of biomethane
• Building a successful biogas system in Europe – what is necessary?
• Role of gas infrastructure in decarbonising European energy sector
• Energy crisis and ban on Russian gas supply – perspectives for biogas sector
• Biogas economics and trading
• Hydrothermal gasification and 2G biomethane production: status on technologies
And many more…

More information here.