BioTeam project successfully finalised

The EU project towards a better bioenergy market brought to end this year

The EU co-funded BIOTEAM project started in April 2013 and successfully ended in March 2016. With six EU countries involved (Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Latvia and Poland), the main goal was to give the public and private stakeholders better insight on bioenergy market, private business and EU and national policy instruments towards more sustainable bioenergy pathway competitiveness.

The BIOTEAM project incorporated four key activities 1) Pathways, 2) Policies, 3) Systems and 4) Optimization which build upon each other. For the selection of bioenergy pathways in the six countries, a series of Life Cycle Assessments was conducted, followed by development of the inventory of most influential policy instruments. The next step in this process was to map the market which helped the project partners to better understand and describe the dynamics of the market system in which the bioenergy pathways operate.

Throughout the course of the BIOTEAM project, it promoted the active interaction between the public and private stakeholders via workshops, interviews, calls and emails led to a wider knowledge of the dynamics of market systems and policy making.

On February 16th the BIOTEAM consortium organised their final event in Brussels which welcomed around 100 participants. The event included two sessions, morning session on supporting sustainable district heating in EU Member states, and the afternoon session on removing barriers for biogas in a circular agro-economy.

For more information, access the project’s website here.