CAC establishes its first Working Group

Members of EBA’s Company Advisory Council (CAC) gathered in Prague on June 27 to decide on the establishment and the focus of the first CAC working group (WG). Following a constructive debate, it was agreed to form a WG, which will be in charge of the question “What is needed for sustained feasibility of biogas/biomethane production?  A statement and roadmap for the EU, regarding the path to cost effective biogas production and use.”

As indicated in the second part of the question, the focus of the WG will be to produce a short paper or a roadmap, which outlines the vision of the biogas industry represented by EBA and serves as knowledge basis for EU institutions in their future decisions targeting biogas at the same time. At their meeting in Prague, CAC members found it essential to provide the EU with a clear position regarding the (future) cost effectiveness of biogas. Along these lines, the primary objective of the CAC working group will be to ensure that its work will contribute to shaping EU’s view on the biogas sector as to grant it an important position within the future European sustainable energy mix.

The working group is led by CAC Vice-Chairman Leon Sttile. Several members, who were present at the meeting in Prague, have already indicated their interest in actively participating in the activities of the new-formed working group. Other CAC members, who have not had yet the opportunity to present their interest, are invited to write a short email to EBA’s Technical Adviser, Ms Agata Przadka, under

The next meeting of EBA’s Company Advisory Council, which will deal with setting the outline of this paper, is scheduled to take place in the Netherlands, on September 30, between 10.00 and 12.00. More details to be announced soon.