Circular waste management l: meeting the biowaste challenge

On 27 January, the Policy Learning Platform is hosting the first episode of the circular waste management series on meeting the biowaste challenge, from 14:00 to 17:00 CET, in the format of an online workshop.

Across the EU, between 118 and 138 million tonnes of bio-waste are generated annually, of which more than two thirds comes from municipal bio-waste, the reminder coming from the food and drink industry. Bio-waste constitutes 30-40% of municipal solid waste. Despite the progress that has been made in some Member States, the majority of the biowaste that Europe generates each year is still lost through landfilling and incineration thus wasting the great potential of recycling this organic material as compost or animal feed and for anaerobic digestion.

The workshop will provide an outlook on EU initiatives that local and regional authorities should refer to for boosting their biowaste collection, prevention and recycling rates in compliance with the EU Directives and to the benefit of a local circular economy.

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For more information on the workshop, check out the event agenda.