Climate and energy targets 2030 – no binding RES requirements for the Members States is a threat

At last week’s EU summit, the climate and energy package for 2030 was adopted including a 27% EU target for renewable energies in 2030. Inconsistency of this decision will deepen differences between the Members States.

The Heads of the Member States found yesterday an agreement on climate and energy targets to be reached by the EU by 2030. The greenhouse gas emissions should be reduced by 40%, while the share of renewable energy in the overall energy consumption and energy efficiency will increase to 27%.

“The 27% target is not sufficient enough to deploy potential of renewables, but this is not the biggest headache.” stated EBA’s President Dr. Jan Stambasky “What worries us more is the fact that the target is not binding on the Members States level. This can lead to a situation where only certain Member States with national ambitions to realise energy transition invest into new technologies and capacities, while the rest of Europe will lag behind, feeling no obligation to contribute to the EU target.”

Stambasky continued “The EU leaders seek the ways to reduce dependency on Russian gas, but they still don’t see potential from the local resources like biogas. Now the main task of the industry is to fight for a single European market to trade green gas over borders and to prove its value and potential.”

Download the press release here.