Conference “Bioenergy in the EU: Converting policies into impacts”

The final event to present the results of the tender “Review of bioenergy projects implemented under IEE II”

The conference “Bioenergy in the EU: Converting policies into impacts” is organised by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) of the European Commission and the company that has performed the impact assessment, Ricardo Energy & Environment.

The event will present the results of the impact assessment which was performed in 47 bioenergy projects supported under the European programme Intelligent Energy – Europe in its second phase.

The conference will include two panel discussions where representatives from DG Agriculture and Rural Development, DG Energy, DG Environment, DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs and DG Research and Innovation (RTD) are expected to participate. The conference will cover the topics of the European policy development in relation to bioenergy as well as how the outcomes of IEE II bioenergy projects could be useful to policy makers.

In order to register, please, send an email to Lisa Groves (Ricardo Energy & Environment):

Please find the agenda here.