Annual Conference of Consorzio Italiano Biogas: the Italian biogas-biomethane model is exportable

A study presented at “Biogas Italy” on 14-15 February estimates that the biogas / biomethane supply chain can reduce GHG emissions, contribute to reaching renewable energy targets, favor 21,000 jobs and €16 billion in revenue for the tax authorities in 2030.

The Consorzio italiano Biogas (CIB) underlined the excellence of the “Italian model”, also recognized by the international research group coordinated by Professor Bruce Dale of Michigan University. Indeed, the Italian agricultural producers of biogas are among the most advanced in the world in the sector and the Italian biogas and biomethane supply chain in agriculture is the second largest in Europe and the fourth in the world.

The group of Professor Dale believes that it is feasible to “export” the Italian model of Biogasfattobene® (‘Biogasdoneright®’) to reduce emissions and develop companies from the agricultural sector in other countries.

For example, Argentina could completely replace its imports of natural gas with biogas produced according to the Biogasfattobene® method. In the USA, the potential of this model could exceed 20% of fossil gas.

According to CIB estimates, Italy would be able to reach a production of 10 billion mof biomethane by 2030. According to a study by the environmental consulting firm Althesys presented at the event, a biomethane boost production could avoid 197 million of tons of COemissions by 2050. Furthermore, it estimates that the development of the supply chain would allow to create over 21,000 jobs by 2030, with significant positive economic impacts.

Another study by the international energy and climate consulting firm Ecofys was presented at the event. It was commissioned by Gas for Climate, a consortium formed by the main European gas transportation companies (Enagas, Fluxys, Gasunie, GRTgaz, Open Grid Europe, SNAM, TIGF) and by CIB and EBA, which recognizes the fundamental role of renewable gas in decarbonising the European economy.

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