Denmark: New 300,000-tpy anaerobic digestion facility opened!

Inauguration of another biogas plant, directly connected to the gas network

Danish utility firm has launched Grøngas Vraa, a 300.000 tonne per year (tpy) organic waste to biogas anaerobic digestion (AD) facility.

DKK 115 million ($17.5 million) are invested in a facility, directly connected to the Danish gas network. Grøngas Vraa will be producing biomethane from manure and organic wastes, by processing 300.000 tonnes of biomass annually out of which 250.000 tonnes would have otherwise ended up as untreated on fields.

Mr Tore Harritshøj, Administrative Director of utility firm has stated: “When we open the taps for the new biogas plant today, we make it easier to convert manure and food scraps to green energy.”, adding that the CO2 emissions will also be reduced by 25,000 tonnes annually.

It is expected that the new Danish biogas plant produces 9 million m2 of biomethane which would be enough for the annual consumption of 4,300 cars or 250 buses if they were using biogas fuel, or the gas consumption of 6,500 homes.

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