DiBiCoo Final Conference: Biogas For Future

What is the current and future role and potential of biogas globally? The DiBiCoo Final Conference approaches the answer to this question from different perspectives. As a platform for discussion, the conference will explore the huge potential of the biogas sector in contributing to climate change mitigation by accelerating renewable energy production and use.


  • Keynote Speech: What role is biogas playing within the sector worldwide now and in the future?
  • Panel Discussion: Energy Security, a Circular Economy and Climate Change Mitigation – What role can biogas play to achieve THESE goals in the future?
  • The 3-year journey of DiBiCoo: project achievements, lessons LEARNED and a deep dive into policy and financing frameworks for the biogas sector in the EU and emerging markets

Some good reasons to join us:

Climate change, energy crisis, waste management and mineral fertilizer shortage: Biogas is considered a multi-talent and opportunity to tackle many global challenges that countries all over the world are facing. A panel of biogas experts from Europe and emerging markets in Argentina, Africa and Indonesia will discuss on the potential of biogas and its role to address said challenges now and in the future. They will shed light on:

  • How can biogas contribute to the aims of achieving energy security and of becoming independent from fossil energy?
  • How can biogas production contribute to a circular economy?
  • What role can biogas production play to support the development of a sustainable agriculture?
  • How can biogas contribute to greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction?
  • Sustainable transportation and compressed natural gas (CNG): biomethane as transport fuel

Date: 21 June 2022, 12 pm to 4 pm CEST

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About DiBiCoo:

This EU project facilitates collaboration between European biogas industries & stakeholders from emerging and developing markets through the development and application of innovative digital and non-digital support tools, knowledge transfer and capacity building.