DIBICOO Webinar Series

Enabling knowledge exchange, creating capacity and facilitating technology transfer are integral parts of the Digital global Biogas Cooperation (DiBiCoo) project.

To this aim, DIBICOO is organising a webinar series aimed at informing about cooperation opportunities, to familiarize industry stakeholders with European technologies and to share lessons learned and best practices on successful biogas, biomethane and gasification project management.

Webinar themes include but not limited to:

  • How to collaborate with the DiBiCoo project
  • Introduction to European biogas, biomethane and gasification technologies
  • Experience sharing on successful biogas project development &  implementation
  • Biogas sector perspectives from DiBiCoo’s emerging/developing target economies

DiBiCoo Webinar Series are open to biogas-/biomethane-/gasification industry stakeholders; biogas project developers; suppliers; policymakers; technology providers; experts; consultants, financing institutions, potential plant operators and other local stakeholders. 

Interested in joining? Learn more on the next webinars here