Discover the EBA Statistical Report 2020 and the needed contribution of our sector to the 2030 goals and beyond

What are the latest available data on the development of biogas and biomethane across Europe? What are the growth prospects for the years ahead? Join us online for the presentation of the EBA Statistical Report 2020 by our colleagues Mieke Decorte (EBA Technical & Project Officer) and Harmen Dekker (EBA Director). 

Mieke Decorte and Harmen Dekker will go through the EBA Statistical Report with a focus on:

  • The most recent data and statistics on the development of the European biogas and biomethane markets.
  • The potential growth forecasts for the coming years. 
  • The impact of key EU policies on the scale-up of the biogas and biomethane sectors in Europe.  
  • The state of play of one of the most promising areas of growth in the sector: the production of Bio-LNG and Bio-CNG.  
  • The development of the national biogas and biomethane markets in 4 countries: Poland, Italy, Denmark and the Netherlands. 

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