DMT builds largest biogas upgrading installation in the world

DMT building the largest installations in biogas sector with the newest membrane technology.

DMT Clear Gas Solutions, part of EBA Member DMT Environmental Technology will take over the largest project so far in the biogas sector, which includes high selective membrane technology where pig manure will be digested into biogas. The company will be building the pre-treatment installation and the technology to upgrade the biogas. The produced biogas or biomethane will be injected into national gas grid and will be powering more than 30,000 households per year.

Robert Lems, General Manager of DMT Clear Gas Solutions LLC said: “This is an amazing project. Not only because of its size but especially because of its relevance for the industry. We are very proud of this achievement and could not have done it without the close collaborations we had with our partners and of course all our colleagues in the Netherlands. We are going to build the biggest biogas upgrading plant in the history of DMT but also in the history using high selective membranes.”

Source: DMT Environmental Technology

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