EBA at the BiogasConvention and Energy Decentral in Hannover

Two partners came together to share one concept: The German Biogas Association and the DLG have joined to organise the worldwide biggest meeting of the biogas industry together with EnergyDecentral, the international trade fair for innovative energy supply.

EBA was represented at the exhibition stand of the German Biogas Association. We met our members, national associations and represented our members in front of the German and international audience of the EnergyDecentral Exhibition.

EBA was also well-represented during the BiogasConvention itself, contributing to the programme in English language which was an innovation of this year’s event. EBA President, Mr. Jan Stambasky, presented the “Newest developments in EU biogas policy” stressing that only one third of Europe is active in the biogas technology and that it is necessary to support the other countries to become active too. Mr. Attila Kovács, EBA Executive Board Member, presented the possible concept of “Biomethane Trade in Europe” to redeem the request for biomethane in European regions where the biogas/biomethane sector is not fully established and to create new biomethane markets in such regions.

The EBA Technical Department also joined the study tour to visit three biogas plants in the surroundings of Hannover. These biogas plants represented three different concepts: the first big biogas plant uses energy crops, mainly sugar beet pulp, grass and whole plant silage, chicken and cattle manure with a capacity of three times 340 kWel. The heat is used in a local heat supply system and for the gas treatment via amine scrubbing. The second biogas plant has been running for 15 years with a capacity of 210, 370 and 400 kW. The plant has 1000 m2 open storage and 250 m2 indoor storage for food and beverage wastes such as fat separation material, cereal waste, paper sludge, old bread and potato peels. The process heat is utilised to heat apartment buildings and for cereal and wood drying. The third biogas plant is operated by a partnership of three farmers. The substrates consist of 30% pig and cattle slurry from the farm of one of the operators which is provided to the plant via a 30-meter-pipe. The main part of the used substrate is maize whole plant silage. The plant has a capacity of 250 kWel on-site and 250 kW are additionally provided by satellite engine. The process heat is used in the sow stables, residential buildings and a gardening company.