EBA General Assembly: New Secretary General and Board Member appointed

The latest General Assembly was held in Nuremberg on 17 February.

Representatives from the EBA membership were brought together at the Nuremberg Conventions Centre to learn about the latest developments of the association and participate in the election of the EBA Board.

The candidates included the replacement of Board member Mr. Göran Strandberg, who decided to step down in favour of Mr. Anders Mathiasson (both from the Swedish Gas Association). At the moment of voting, EBA members unanimously re-elected all candidates, confirming the new EBA Board with the presence of Mr. Mathiasson.

EBA President Dr. Jan Štambaský had another announcement for the evening, as he presented the appointment of Mrs. Susanna Pflüger as the new Secretary General of EBA. Mrs. Pflüger graduated in 2010 from the Ruhr-University of Bochum with a Master’s degree in European Studies. In her previous position, she was responsible for different policy issues relevant to the European biogas industry and represents the EBA members vis-à-vis the European institutions.
The outgoing Secretary General, Mrs. Agata Prządka, was warmly thanked for her more than four years contributing to EBA’s development in Brussels.