EBA and Ghent University publish a special issue on Biogas and Biorefineries

The European Biogas Association and the Ghent University have joined forces in the frame of the BioRefine Cluster Europe (BCE) this year to publish a special issue on Biogas and Biorefineries. The editorial board is composed of Ghent University and EBA staff. An international scientific peer-review process was conducted by a board of 10 international experts from 9 different institutes.

The 200-page booklet contains information about EU research projects, research contributions and policy recommendations based on research. It addresses the topics of nutrients recovery, power-to-gas, wastewater treatment, social acceptability and many more. Policy recommendations focus on the aftermath of the Paris agreement, the biogas potential for GHG emissions mitigation and the opportunities in Germany within the new EEG 2017 framework. Awarded research projects are also presented, such as the Ivan Tolpe Award, an agro-manager that has defined and shaped technological innovation in the agro-sector over the last decades.

Read the special issue here.