EBA is back from speaking at the first Polish Biogas Congress

The Polish biogas sector gathered together for the first time at such scale during the first Polish Biogas Congress.

The event was attended by more than 180 people including representatives of science, investment firms, consulting, financial institutions and the Ministry of Energy, the Agricultural Market Agency and the National Fund, as well as owners of biogas plants. EBA was part of this important event among other lecturers from abroad presenting an updated overview of the European market and an outlook of the challenges and developments expected in the upcoming years.

We learnt that Poland is developing versatile technologies learning a lesson from Western neighbours and strongly willing to apply solutions more flexible and economically advantageous being aware that their success stems from the appropriate use of the different substrates. Next year Polish biogas producers have a new challenge ahead of them: auctions for RES installations.  The introduction of more dynamics in the market is however still unclear and the biogas sector will seek greater understanding of its specific interests addressing the Polish authorities through a final resolution of the meeting “On improvement of the situation of Polish biogas sector”.

The huge interest and commitment raised from the event proved that a big potential for the Polish biogas industry is still to be untapped and organizers have already announced a new edition next year.