EBA presents its Country Profile France

EBA is glad to announce that the “Country Profile France” has been finalised, a study which provides an in-depth analysis of the biogas and biomethane sectors in France.

The document takes the form of a comprehensive report, including up to date information drawn from European and national specialised sources, facts and figures and statistics, in order to highlight the specificities of the country.

It focuses on France’s energy mix, feedstock, biogas and biomethane production, gas networks and vehicles, on gasification projects, as well as on related legislation. It also includes future prospects and potential developments, helping readers identify opportunities in the French market.

France’s biogas industry is one of the most developed in Europe, and is the third European country in terms of number of biogas plants. The number of biomethane plant is also increasing rapidly. France has set ambitious targets and is investing heavily in new technologies and projects. The study reveals that the country could easily reach the 2020 and 2030 targets set by the French government if biogas and biomethane are used to their full potential.

The publication is primarily intended for EBA members, free of charge, and for sale to other interested parties.

This edition is available in both English and French languages.

Should you be interested in purchasing the French country profile, please contact us at info@8s7jivtvq.preview.infomaniak.website.