EGATEC 2019 – European Gas Technology Conference

Two GasNaturally members, MARCOGAZ and GERG are organizing their European Gas Technology Conference (EGATEC) this year together with EnTranCe, GasTerra, Gasunie and the New Energy Coalition in Groningen from 6 till 8 November.

The program is built on the theme ‘GAS IN THE FUTURE EUROPEAN ENERGY MIX’ and examines how natural gas, renewable gases and mitigation of emission are key for Europe to achieve its net zero emission goals by 2050 without relaxing strict requirements on security of supply, efficiency and safety.

Technical visits and 36 presentations from prominent and expert speakers will present you with the latest technical developments.

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EGATEC 2019 intends to present and discuss technology-focused options covering the role of gas in the future European energy mix. This topic is high-profile in The Netherlands, where Slochteren gas will be phased out within 10 years. The venue is on top of the Slochteren Gasfield and close to innovative developments in the Dutch Gas Sector.

Main theme is decarbonising the natural gas system.
Subjects for the conference include:

– What’s happening in the Netherlands : Natural gas in Groningen
– The utilization of natural and renewable gases/ hybrid solutions
– The role of gasses in mobility
– The impact of injecting renewable gases in the natural gas system

Also a tour in the region along a number of interesting, innovative projects from the Dutch energy sector is foreseen.


The Wadden Sea is a natural area between Den Helder in the Netherlands and Esbjerg in Denmark. The northern part of the Province of Groningen is directly connected to the Wadden Sea. It is such a unique natural environment that the entire Wadden Sea was desclared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009.