Evonik has performed life cycle analyses for around 70% of its sales

The next plan is to extend the analysis to 80% of external sales

For the analysis of Evonik’s business, the life cycle study was conducted for 70% of sales generated by its three chemical segments. These kind of analysis allow the company to have a better view on the environmental impact of their products as well as a good insight of potential opportunities and risks which will secure company’s future decisions.

Thomas Wessel, the member of Evonik’s Executive Board stated: “These analyses take account of our customers’ rising demands on the sustainability of our products. At the same time life cycle analyses are the basis for operational and decision-making processes at Evonik.”

Since 2009, EBA member Evonik Industries has performed more than 100 life cycle analysis, like amino acid for animal nutrition and road markings. These analyses cover the environmental impact of product at all stages, from raw material to disposal.

Source: Evonik Industries

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