Finland: 12 new biogas busses for public transportation

The city of Vaasa will have 12 new biogas fuelled buses starting February 2017.

On February the 13th, 12 new biogas buses will start operating in the city of Vaasa. According to the chief planner Mr Pertti Hällilä this is the first project of its kind in Finland: ‘It significantly promotes the initialisation of national clean technology in the whole area, in production, distribution as well as the traffic use of biogas. These 12 biogas buses can substitute an equivalent of 280 000 litres of fossil diesel fuel every year. The carbon dioxide emissions are on the same level as fully electric cars, in which the electric power is produced with wind power.’

These buses, produced by Scania, have been bought by the city by a leasing contract. After the contract ends the city will have the liberty to buy the buses for own ownership.

The fuelling station will be installed near Stormossen, where the buses will fill up tanks during the night.

The biogas is produced from Vaasa region household waste and waste water of Vaasan Vesi Stormossen, and it can power about 1000 cars in addition to the buses.

Source: Vaasa

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