Finland: Biogas certificates allow easier access to the benefits of biogas

The Biogas Certificate is part of the development of the gas market, based on good examples from other countries

This Certificate is created for the biogas which is injected in the national grid and it is helping all the biogas customers to have a more flexible access to all the benefits of the biogas such as no excise duty on biogas in the customers’ operations. The advantage of the Biogas Certificates is that they can be bought and sold independently of supply.

The Biogas Certificate system is controlled by Gasum Transmission Services, and both gas producers and users can join the system. Each certificate contains an identification code which is used for tracking the transfers between the parties and gathering information concerning the origin of the certificate. After the use of certificate, they are being retired which will ensure that a claim on a unit of biogas produced can only be made once.

Source: Gasum

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