Finland: Biogas consumption in transportation boost in 2015

RES-T methane market in Finland and RES-T100 statistics

In 2015, the energy consumption of biogas in transportation was 23 GWh, where all the biogas consumed was produced form biowaste. This means that utilization of biogas as a vehicle fuel grew by 35 % compared to previous year. Within the last decade, consumption of biogas in transport has grown 1200-fold.

All the biogas consumed in vehicles biogas as CBG100 (100% compressed biogas) available in 24 public CBG100 filling stations (operated by seven companies) and many other private stations. CBG100 was the cheapest transportation energy source.

The full market review can be accessed here.

This year marked also the publication of the first national RES-T100 statistics in Finland. The main change was the substitution of fossil primary energy sources (fossil fuels and fossil electricity) in transportation, now favouring renewable primary energy sources (RES), i.e. RES-T (Renewable Energy Sources in Transportation) consisting of RES-fuels and RES-E (Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources).

Realisation of the fuel independent transportation energy system was of great importance which included also building supply infrastructure for 100% RES and development of vehicle fleets able to use 100% RES.

More information can be found in the full report here.