France: Two new biogas plants

Dutch bioenergy business won two contracts for new facilities in France.

The Dutch bioenergy company will be building two new biogas plants in Montauban and Kastellin. According to the company, France represents a good market for biogas and these are going to be fifth and sixth facilities that the Dutch are building in France.

The plant in Montauban will generate heat for greenhouses and electricity, with a capacity of 1.2 MW. Mainly poultry manure and straw will be used as feedstock.

The facility in Kastellin will be processing a mix of feedstock including agricultural and food waste as well as a large amount of poultry manure, for the production of 400 m3 of biomethane per hour.

The Dutch company has also installed a system which uses water to remove nitrogen from digestate. That water is later put back into the digester to help the anaerobic digestion process.

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