Future Biogas unveils plans for state-of-the-art anaerobic digestion plant

The plant would be capable of providing gas or electricity for up to 4,500 homes, as it was unveiled in Preston-on-Stour.

This will be achieved by using decaying crop matter to produce biogas, at a facility that would be sited at Whitehill Farm near Alscot.

The development was unveiled by Future Biogas, which already runs nine such sites around the country, during a public consultation on Thursday. The biogas produced by the plant would be fed into the gas grid or to a mini power plant on site.

The plant, would consist of three domes measuring 17 metres high and three long four metre high traps, used to store crop matter before it is fed into the plant. The fuel for the plant would be maize and rye, produced by farmers within 10 miles of the site, and would not produce a significant smell in the surrounding area.

Source: Stratford-Upon-Avon Herald
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