Future of Biogas Summit 2023

The two-day conference will gather industry leaders, policymakers, technology innovators, and experts to discuss critical aspects of the biogas sector. Key topics on the agenda include the European biogas market overview, geographical considerations, policy and regulations, sustainable future promotion, future opportunities and applications of biogas, support schemes and incentive programs, the transportation sector, feedstock challenges and opportunities, and moving away from Russian gas. Attendees can also explore effective plant optimization strategies.

The summit is expected to draw a diverse audience, including biogas production companies, technology suppliers, energy and utility companies, waste-to-energy project developers, policymakers, waste water treatment specialists, biomass producers, waste management experts, technology solution providers, governments, financial and investment firms, research organizations, high-energy users, energy companies, representatives from the food and beverage industry, agricultural sector, regulatory and policy officers, as well as consultants and analysts.

This year’s Future of Biogas Europe Summit promises exceptional networking opportunities, in-depth discussions, and insights into the biogas industry’s future.

EBA CEO Harmen Dekker and EBA Secretary General Giulia Cancian will represent EBA during DAY 1 of the conference.

Details and registration here.