Gasification plant soon to be built in Alkmaar, the Netherlands

Three EBA members involved in new Ambigo gasification project.

A unique and innovative biomass gasification plant in Alkmaar got a green light from two EBA members Gasunie New Energy and ECN as well as the supply company Royal Dahlman. ENGIE, another EBA member, and Investment Fund Sustainable Economy North-Holland (PDENH) decided to become partners too.

Three innovative Dutch technologies (MILENA, OLGA and ESME), invented by ECN, will be combined for the first time ever into an industrial process for producing green gas at the Ambigo research and demonstration facility. These technologies ensure that different types of biomass can be converted very efficiently into green gas in the installation.

The plant will be situated in Alkmaar’s Energy Innovation park and will also use the facilities of InVesta, a centre of expertise for biomass gasification and green gas.

Source: ECN

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