Germany: The first Solar-Biogas hybrid plant in the world

The inauguration of the first modern biogas plant took place in Bergheim-Paffendorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

This innovative biogas plant has about 95 m2 of solar panels built directly on the fermenter façade. At the inauguration, Hans Buentung, board member renewable energies of RWE International SE said: “Our credo is ‘energy from the region for the region.’ Today we have to celebrate two occasions: we give the official start for operations of our highly modern biogas plant; furthermore, we push innovation and test an organic solar film in the heart of a brown coal district.”

The solar film has a superior low light performance, which is a clear advantage in a non-optimal orientation of façade. In addition, it offers a very stable, high temperature that allows direct application to the façade structure without any extra ventilation and therefore opening a wide range of new industrial applications

This solar-biogas plant has a capacity of 7.4 MWth and via an in-site gas upgrader is designed to feed up to 700 m³ of biomethane per hour into the gas grid.

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