Germany: “The New Power World”

According to an analysis by the Renewable Energies Agency commissioned by the Green Party, Germany could switch its power system to 100% renewable energies within 20 years, out of which a 15% will consist of methane plants and bioenergy.

Such a shift “is ecologically necessary, technically feasible and ultimately also economically advantageous”, is the conclusion reached by the survey of existing scientific studies. But to enable this goal, the power system as a whole will have to become much more flexible – both on the supply and the demand side. The chairman of the party’s parliamentary group, Anton Hofreiter, criticises current policies in a preface to the study: “The government cements the status quo instead of understanding the opportunities offered by an ecological change and opening the door to a new, purely renewable energies world.”

Renewables Germany 2025










Source: AEE, 2015

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