Get involved in the consultation to reduce EU greenhouse gas emissions

Last July, the European Commission launched a formal consultation to reflect on a long-term vision for a modern European economy for all Europeans and the opportunities and challenges that a long-term decarbonisation implies.The consultation is open until 9 October to any interested party, including citizens, industry representatives, NGOs, research & academia and public authorities.

This initiative intends to collect different views and data covering the type of transformations required, its level of ambition, key actions to achieve this transformation, the societal and economic challenges and opportunities, the role of the consumer, the need for investment and innovation. It will also address technical questions on the potential of some mitigation options.

Stakeholders replies are to be submitted via the online questionnaire, available in all official EU languages (except Irish), and responses can be submitted in any official EU language. Organisations are asked to be part of the Transparency Register to submit their feedback.

A summary of responses from the public consultation will be published as soon as possible following the end of the consultation.