Inter Baltic Biogas Arena (IBBA) workshop successfully held in Poznan

The possibilities for biogas beyond today’s products are vast. This year’s Inter Baltic Biogas Arena (IBBA) workshop in Poznan, Poland (23-24 August) brought together companies and researchers in the Baltic Sea region who are braving the way to achieve new solutions for nutrient recovery and biogas-based biorefineries.

Topics of discussion included:

  • Biogas perspective in Poland
  • Resource recovery at the municipal waste water treatment plants
  • Innovative circular approaches on the recycling of phosphor
  • High-value products from anaerobic digestion – Norwegian experiences
  • Treatment of digestates and recovery of nutrients
  • Nitrogen extraction in biogas plants
  • Integrated biogas production for nutrients recirculation: a large-scale demonstration project
  • Digeponics – Use of digestate as growing medium and as fertilizer in greenhouses
  • Overview of catalytic purification and conversion of biogas
  • Recovery of medium-chain fatty acids as platform chemicals from biomass

The presentations can be found online here:

The IBBA workshops also provide a platform for networking with other innovators in the Baltic Sea region.

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