Ireland: ECN and Cré present the Global Organics Resource Congress

GORC takes place in Dublin, Ireland from 3-4 May.

Organised by Cré and the European Compost Network, GORC will bring together key stakeholders to discuss new opportunities in the circular bioeconomy and in the anaerobic digestion and composting of organic wastes sector.

The European Compost Network and Cré have previously organised three international conferences in Ireland (Compost Europe – 170 delegates, AD Europe 2011 – 280 delegates and AD Europe 2014 – 180 delegates).

Key Speakers include:

  • Eric Liégeois, DG GROW, European Commission on New EU Fertiliser Regulations
  • Phil Hogan, European Commissioner for Agriculture & Rural Development
  • Mairead McGuinness MEP, Vice-President of the European Parliament will speak on the Circular Economy
  • David Newman, Biobased and Biodegradable Industries Association

Key Biogas Presentations

  • Rather than biogas for use in electricity generation, research has shown that its more profitable to generate biobased plastics.
  • A biogas/compost plant which utilises all its by products, e.g. biomethane injected into the grid, heat exchangers in the compost plant, heat and CO2 used in greenhouses.
  • Experiences in managing the largest biogas and compost plant in Italy – 365,000 tonnes per year.
  • A pilot project which showed that by providing householders with a kitchen caddy, compostable bags and education; the level of contamination was reduced from 45% to 1% and the quantity of food waste collected was increased.
  • Integration of Biochar production into an existing composting plant.


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