Italy: CIB meets the Italian Energy Services Management Agency

Italian agricultural biogas sector keeps moving towards production of biomethane

The transition to biomethane in agriculture is guided by Energy Services Management Agency, the state-owned company promoting and supporting renewable energy sources. The company has already undertaken activities towards computerised management of the qualification requirements of the biomethane plants.

Energy Services Managements Agency is collaborating with the Italian Biogas Consortium (CIB, oone of EBA’s members) and with joined forces, both stakeholders have greatly contributed to the sector of agricultural biogas over the years. So far, they obtained €4 billion of investments, provided more than 12,000 permanent jobs and increased competitiveness and technical level of the agricultural biogas plants which are producing electricity, heat and biofuel.

Piero Gattoni, President of the Italian Biogas Consortium declared that these number can be improved even more in the sector of biomethane production, adding that “this clean, renewable fuel obtained by upgrading biogas is directly injected into the national grid and also used for transport.”

Source: ANSA

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