Joint EBA – GIE – ERGaR workshop on Power-to-Methane announced!

Energy storage is the key unlocking the full potential of renewable energy. The Power-to-Methane (PtM) technology is a leading concept enabling medium and long-term energy storage, becoming a topical issue at technical and political levels.

On the 6th  of September at the Renewable Energy House in Brussels, the European Biogas Association (EBA), Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) and  European Renewable Gas Registry (ERGaR) will join their forces again to shed some light onto the PtM technology, while highlighting its fundamental role for the biomethane industry and its great potential in greening the European gas grids.

The one-day workshop will bring presentations by representatives of the EBA and GIE spanning from biomethane production pathways (biological and catalytical methanation) to practical examples on greening the gas grid and the decarbonisation of the European gas industry. The integration of renewable gasses constitutes a new way of operating the gas network. GIE will focus on infrastructure that allows renewable gasses to be transported safely and cost-efficiently in the European gas grid.

The workshop will be concluded with a presentation on the European gas market as one joint market via mass balancing of the grid and European trade of Guarantees of Origin (GoO).

More information and registration here.