Joint position of EBA and other renewable energy associations on 2030 renewable energy target

Meeting the binding EU-wide target of at least 27% renewables by 2030 will be a critical contribution to security of supply, economic growth and domestic jobs. 

In the absence of post-2020 national renewable binding targets broken down per Member State, a robust and transparent governance system with a strong legal basis will be needed to provide stable regulatory framework and attract investments in renewables by 2030. The Brussels-based renewable energy associations wrote a position paper laying out essential building blocks for such a governance system to deliver the 2030 renewable energy target cost-effectively. The governance system must:

  1. Be funded on a strong legal basis
  2. Ensure concrete Member States’ contributions to the EU-wide 27% RES target
  3. Provide an efficient monitoring and enforcement system
  4. Define a timely and coherent planning process
  5. Foster regional cooperation
  6. Ensure coherence among Member States’ policies in the five Energy Union dimensions

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