kIEFER gets an agreement for the new biogas plant in Farsala, Greece

The Greek construction company signed a contract for a new 1.5 MW biogas plant.

EBA member, kIEFER TEK recently signed the contract for the construction of the 1.5 MW biogas plant in Farsala, Greece, and will oversee the implementation of all the necessary installation procedures as well as the commission of the project.

kIEFER’s partner in the project will be a German company which will provide the technical equipment for the construction of the plant. The plant will be producing biogas form anaerobic digestion of organic waste and organic crops which will be provided by local farmers and breeders in the surrounding area and in that way the rural economy will be enhanced too. The produced biogas will provide electricity, thermal energy and fertilisers in both liquid and solid form.

As stated in the press release ‘With this contract kIEFER TEK Ltd. continues steadily rising course in the field of construction of power plants using renewable sources.’, kIEFER TEK is aiming to maintain the leading role in the plant construction in Greece.

Source: kIEFER TEK

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