Malmberg turns 150!

The company’s headquarters are still in Åhus, outside Kristianstad, Sweden where it all started 150 years ago.

Today, there about 170 people at Malmberg, with subsidiaries in Germany, England, Denmark and the Baltic countries.

CEO Per Malmberg comments on the news: “150 years is an impressive period of time and as a family, you feel very proud to be able to demonstrate a successful business. There are many people to thank, who worked at Malmberg, who contributed greatly to Malmbergs development through these 150 years.”

Malmberg’s story begins when 23-year-old Smith Jöns Malmberg 1866 buys a smithy in Yngsjö and registers a company under its own name. Jöns is on an ingenious solution to filter wells to keep pollutions away, while he develops an equally ingenious method to quickly and easily dig down to the fresh groundwater in clean gravel.

After a few years, the smithy got water technology as a new line of business and that is the way it should remain even when future generations take over and develop the family business.

As the modern welfare state during the 1900s expanded in Sweden, there is an increasing need for supply of running fresh water to more households. In the 30’s and 40’s the first wastewater treatment plants are built and then the post-war record years follow with ever-increasing demand for greater well drilling projects and water utilities to municipalities and companies.

150 years after Jöns Malmberg created the innovative filter well, the company is now ran by the family’s fifth generation. Malmberg is a global market and technology leader in the Cleantech sector. Their focus is on the design and production of plants for water treatment, biogas, geothermal energy and drilling, with production headquarters located in Yngsjo near Kristianstad, Sweden. Malmberg is now a family owned business in operation since 1866 and with a workforce of 180 employees who work towards a better environment under the motto “Pure energy. Clean water.”

Source: Malmberg
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