Masterclass Biogas

For the European gas sector there is only one future and it is called decarbonisation. The most straightforward way to decarbonise natural gas streams is by replacing it with different types of “renewable” gas, such as biogas or biomethane.

On the 23rd and 24th of November Energy Delta Institute and European Biogas Association organize the first virtual masterclass Biogas. This two-morning virtual class takes the participants in a helicopter view around the key parts of the rapidly evolving biogas value chain and it does so in cooperation with European Biogas Association.

This Masterclass offers a tour d’horizon of the complete biogas value chain: from biomass to biogas production, upgrading, distribution and consumption. It also looks at regulatory and public acceptance issues around renewable gas and various applications, e.g. in mobility.

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A discount is foreseen for EBA members!