Netherlands: Biogas Porsche can be yours

To support driving on biogas, a team led by Roel Swierenga rebuilt a Porsche 928 into a car that can drive completely on biogas, proving that everyone is able to drive climate neutral, even a sports car or a classic.

Inspired by the German and Scandinavian markets, this project aims at increasing the awareness and acceptance of biogas as a CO2 free and cheaper alternative to common fuel without any performance loss of the car. By remodelling the Porsche 928, the public will become aware of the fact that absolutely every car can be modified to run on biogas.

The Porsche 928 contains two big CNG cylinders that are made of full composite, approved to ECE R110 standards. The weight of one cylinder is 35kg, where a steel version would weigh around 95kg.

The CNG inside the cylinders is compressed to 200bar. The total capacity of the cylinders is 28.5kg CNG. This allows the Porsche to drive almost 290km on green gas, while the old petrol system inside the car remains intact.

The project 928 Revolution will come to an end this summer after taking part in the Hansa Green Tour among other events and biomethane promotional actitvities. Thus, the remodelled Porsche 928 will become available for sale, a good opportunity for biomethane advertisement and activities.

Source: 928 Revolution
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