Netherlands: Dutch gasification project launches

The project is designed to “fastrack” new technology involving both gasification and tar reuse.

The Dutch energy research centre (ECN) and Dahlman Renewable Technology (DRT) have unveiled a new commercial operation to take forward their jointly developed gasification technology.

The new venture, which will be owned 50/50 by ECN and DRT, will be known as Milena Olga Joint Innovation (MOJI).

A joint statement announced the venture on 19 April. It will develop commercial opportunities for a new gasification technology and a related tar removal and recovery process, both of which were developed by ECN in cooperation with DRT.

ECN’s MILENA technology is a so-called indirect gasification process in which the heat generation and the actual gasification process take place in separate reactors.

The process also produces tar which is removed with ECN’s OLGA cleaning system from the gas produced through the gasification process. Cleaning the gas also removes dust and aerosols.

The recovered tar, which has a high energy value, is collected and processed in the gasifier where its energy value is recovered.

ECN is currently building a biomass gasification pilot plant in Alkmaar, which it hopes will act as showcase for the technology.

Source: Ends Waste&bioenergy
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