New research on Large Scale Biogas Plants is being revealed

On January 16, 2019, doors are opening for the first time to the brand new BioEnergy conference, Biogas Innovation, hosted as an add-on event to the large Danish animal production fair: NutrFair. The conference is the culmination and product of a collaboration between the Interreg5a funded research project, Large Scale Bioenergy Lab 2, the magazine Bioenergi, Invest in Denmark, and Messe C in Fredericia.

The conference will touch upon the entire biogas value chain through the following themes:

  • Theme 1: Straw – deep litter, and similar Lignocellulosic materials – Low-cost pretreatment
  • Theme 2: Anaerobic Digestion processes, process control, and optimization
  • Theme 3: Improvement of Fertilizer products from Biogas Production
  • Theme 4: Biogas – Wind/Solar integration and biogas upgrading

”The Biogas platform has the key enabling technologies for an effective green transition. We can control the production of biogas to a much greater extent than for instance wind and solar energy, and the energy can be stored” – Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen, Head of Center for Bioenergy and Green Engineering, Aalborg University Esbjerg.

Don’t miss out on this free opportunity for a close look into a possible future for the Danish and European Biogas sector. Read more here: