NexSteppe and Longping partner to develop solutions for bioenergy and land remediation in China

EBA member NexSteppe introduces new partnership in China.

EBA member, NexSteppe announced recently the new partnership with Longping Hi-Tech Arable Land Remediation Technology Company, the soil remediation subsidiary of China’s leading seed company, Longping Hi-Tech. Under this agreement, Longping will provide exclusive distribution, marketing and sales for NexSteppe’s Palo Alto biomass sorghum hybrids in China for the bioremediation and biopower markets.

The results of the measurements that Chinese government conducted show that 19% of China’s arable land is polluted, with the most common inorganic pollutants being the heavy metals cadmium, arsenic and nickel. NexSteppe products offer a solution to this environmental and human health challenge. As they develop, Palo Alto biomass sorghums, with their robust root systems and fast growth, extract heavy metals from the soil while also providing a cost-effective, low-moisture biomass feedstock for bioenergy. These optimised sorghum hybrids offer the opportunity to continue using the land while the soil is remediated back to safe levels for healthy food and feed supply in China.

Source: NexSteppe

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