Norway: Biogas could cut waste from aquaculture

Water purification business is developing a biogas solution to deal with aquaculture waste.

According to a statement from the Norwegian government-backed agency Innovation Norway, the use of biogas has potential to recycle large amounts of sludge from the industry.

The water purification company Sterner, which received government funding through Innovation Norway, has built a pilot biogas facility to process the sludge at the Smøla Hatchery and Hatcheries in Nordmøre.

According Sterner’s Arne Hj. Knapt: “So far the system has shown stable operation and interesting results. The biogas plants can come in several different sizes and can be adapted for each hatchery.

“We would like others in the industry to follow intently on developments to see whether the use of fish sludge as a raw material for fertiliser production may be usable.”

The sludge, which is created from uneaten fish food and their faeces left in the hatcheries, is taken into the biogas plant through drainage filters connected to the hatcheries.

The Norwegian government wants to increase the production of biogas to achieve its goal of becoming a low-carbon society by 2050.

Source: EndsWaste&bioenergy
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