Opportunities in Brazil for European biogas suppliers

The EU-funded project “Low-carbon Business Action in Brazil” is looking to bring and adapt low emission technologies to Brazil, create and develop them there and promote and internationalise the EU small and medium enterprises.

The project aims at gathering around 20 European based companies involved in biogas (various stakeholders all along the value chain), bringing them to Brazil for a match-making mission where they could deliver and provide their products and services. Since this all happens within the project’s framework, travel costs and other crucial costs (accommodation and more) will be covered by the project.

The project co-ordinators are looking for companies who have expertise in biodigester systems, purification systems (CO2, H2S…), monitoring/metering and quality control equipment, dual fuel (diesel+biogas/biomethane) conversion kits for diesel trucks and stationary power generation engines.

The mission will include up to 100 participants, including around 50 companies. The mission itself would happen sometime in late autumn, and all travel and accommodation expenses will be funded by the project. For further questions and expressing your interest in participating in this match-making mission, please get in touch with Ricardo Esparta directly, at: esparta@lowcarbonbrazil.com